Our Hydro Excavator Trucks

Hydro excavating technology combines high pressure water with a positive displacement vacuum system to provide a non-destructive method to excavate underground areas. X-Vac’s hydrovac trucks are specifically designed to offer a safer and more-efficient system to locate underground utilities, expose broken water lines, clean out potholes, and vacuum a wide range of materials.

Our hydro excavator trucks offer the highest quality blowers, pumps, and control systems, providing the highest level of performance and maximum up time. Learn about the features, specifications, usage, and benefits of X-Vac’s X-6, X-8, X- 12 and X-15 hydrovac trucks below or contact X-Vac for assistance with your hydro excavator truck needs.

X-6 Hydro Excavator

The X-6 Hydro Excavator is ideal for utility work including potholing and utility location. Hydro excavation is one of the best ways to approach this work because unlike other excavation equipment, the water used by hydro excavators can remove soil without damaging fiberglass piping and other fragile parts of underground utility equipment.

X-8 Hydro Excavator

The tandem axle X-8 offers more water capacity than the X-6 but still is a small enough footprint to be ideal for utility work including utility location and potholing.

X-12 Hydro Excavator

X-12 Hydro Excavator Trucks use state-of-the-art water pump and vacuum technology to safely locate and expose any type or size of underground utilities. Soil, sand and rock are quickly, safely and neatly excavated.

X-13 Hydro Excavator

This Much Payload Capacity Shouldn’t Be Legal. . . But It Is! The new X-13 is perfect for off-highway applications where weight is not as much of a concern.

X-15 Hydro Excavator

Like the X-12 the X-15 uses a state-of-the-art Triplex Water Pump and vacuum system for potholing, daylighting, utility location, and other applications.