X-Vac hydro excavating equipment. The best underground excavation solution for contractors and municipalities.

For decades, excavating of underground piping systems, utilities, and other critical infrastructure systems was performed using mechanical construction equipment, including backhoes and manual labor. Damage to underground utilities from the use of mechanical equipment was common. This often caused costly harm to underground systems and a highly dangerous situation for operators of the equipment.

Unlike hydrovac trucks, mechanical excavating equipment causes damage to natural gas pipelines, telecommunication lines, and other buried utilities that costs hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage each year and results in many injuries and fatalities.

There is a better way. Hydro excavation technology utilizes high pressure water, combined with a positive displacement vacuum system, to provide a proven, non-destructive method to excavate underground areas. X-Vac hydro excavation trucks set the industry standard and are specifically designed to offer a safe and efficient system to locate underground utilities, expose broken water lines, clean-out potholes, and vacuum a wide range of materials.

Our mission at X-Vac is to provide the very best technology in hydro excavating equipment.

To accomplish this, we provide a comprehensive range of world class hydrovac trucks and services specifically designed to support specialty contractors and municipalities who are charged with the important job of excavating and managing critical infrastructure systems.

X-Vac hydro excavating equipment has operational cost efficiency “built in,” resulting in an industry leading return on investment with maximum safety and ease-of-operation. Our innovative hydrovac trucks feature only the highest quality blowers, pumps, and control systems, providing the highest level of performance and maximum uptime. Contractors and municipalities with the most demanding applications recognize the X-Vac difference and overwhelmingly choose X-Vac hydro excavating equipment.

Our unique modular design concepts deliver clean and intuitive controls and simple, planned maintenance accessibility for critical system components. Managers, operators, and maintenance staff all appreciate the quality, simplicity, and reliability of the X-Vac hydrovac truck design.

X-Vac also customizes our hydro excavating systems, providing a wide range of truck chassis, control interfaces, and option packages to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Each X-Vac hydro excavation truck is engineered, manufactured, and quality-tested at one of our world-class manufacturing facilities.

Each sale is supported through factory direct personnel or local authorized dealers who are expert at training, operation, and maintenance of our hydro excavation trucks.

At X-Vac, we make it our business to know the application as well as the engineering and manufacturing of our products. Our staffs of engineers, service, and training professionals work hand-in-hand with our customers and local partners to provide personal training, start-up, and aftermarket support.

At X-Vac we pride ourselves in delivering the best value featuring:

  • Innovative and cost-effective products
  • Robust and reliable components
  • Operator-friendly designs
  • Highest performing and most reliable hydro excavating systems
  • Best engineering, manufacturing, and quality processes
  • Highly trained local field training and operational support
  • Knowledgeable and customer-focused support professionals

Why X-Vac?

It’s simple. At X-Vac, we offer the best products, systems, and support resulting in the most reliable and cost-effective return.

Contact X-Vac for assistance with your hydro excavating equipment needs.